Predatory Lending:
Are You A Victim?

Predatory lending refers to a group of lending practices which are unfair and/or fraudulent. Your lender may have engaged in practices which are unethical, deceptive, or fraudulent during the loan origination process. This is predatory lending. As a consequence of such fraudulent and unethical practices, many homeowners are trapped by negative amortization loans, adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s), high interest mortgages, and/or balloon payments.

During the last five years, America has experienced record numbers of foreclosures. While some foreclosures can be attributed to unemployment or unforeseen financial catastrophes, many others can be attributed to predatory lending. Many lenders have issued mortgages based on unfair and unethical lending practices: often, these practices lead many borrowers to fall behind on their mortgage payments. Many borrowers realize they have been a victim of predatory lending practices only after they have been served with foreclosure notices or have been financially devastated. Foreclosure fraud is rampant and banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo JP Morgan Chase have agreed to pay $25 Billion dollars in restitution.

A Free Document Review Identifies Predatory Lending

You may be a victim of predatory lending. If you have been a victim of fraud, allow the foreclosure defense attorneys at Alliance Legal Group to conduct a free in-home document review audit. We offer this free document review to identify whether you have been a victim of predatory lending practices. Alliance Legal Group works with Florida homeowners who are currently facing foreclosure or may soon be in foreclosure. Identifying predatory lending practices can help you renegotiate the terms of your loan. But first you have to act to protect your legal interests.

We have attorneys across the state of Florida and are interested in helping you prevent further victimization.

  • How A Document Review Protects You

  • Reveals fraud in your original loan.

  • Reveals the true owners of your mortgage.

  • Provides you with an accurate assessment of the terms of your loan.

  • Provides negotiating leverage during you loan modification negotiations.

  • Helps you identify you legal interests.

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