Loan Modification & Negotiating With The Banks

Loan modifications are an alternative to foreclosure. In a loan modification original terms of your mortgage are renegotiated. In order for a loan modification to become legally effective, in Florida the names of the persons on the original mortgage and legal authorized representative of the bank or mortgage company must sign a legal agreement with the new terms of your loan.

You Can Benefit From A Loan Modification In The Following Ways

  • Change the amount of your monthly payment.

  • Change the interest rate on your loan.

  • Change the 10, 15, 20, or 30 year payment schedule.

In Florida, homeowners with legal representation have been able to keep their homes, avoid foreclosure, prevent bankruptcy, and avoid a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure, by renegotiating the terms of their mortgage. However, changing the terms of your original loan requires the bank’s cooperation. The banks have an unfair advantage during this process and homeowners should not attempt to modify their loans alone. No one working for the bank will act in your best interest. Everyone from the loan officer, to the teller, to the banker on the phone, to the mortgage officers are all attempting to maximize the bank’s profits. Alliance Legal Group attorneys located across Florida are excellent advocates prepared to negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf.

A homeowner who is interested in changing the terms of their mortgage in order to keep the bank from foreclosing on their home needs to have an experienced and expert foreclosure defense attorney. Negotiating affordable terms and payment is possible with proper legal advice and guidance. Acting alone to negotiate with the banks may damage the rest of your options down the line. At Alliance Legal Group, we bring expertise, excellent legal strategies, and a vigorous defense to every foreclosure situation. Our clients are diverse and some are merely behind on their mortgage payments and others have already received notice.

No Matter How Dire Your Situation, You Still Have Options

Regardless of a homeowner’s financial situation, we bring aggressive defense strategies to limit the damage and maximize your options. We are experienced in negotiating with banks and mortgage companies; we will use every legal avenue to modify the terms of your loan so that you can still afford your home. We help negotiate to modify mortgages, audit your documents and the banks, we keep the lenders honest. With a free consultation, you can get help with foreclosures. Alliance Legal Group’s expert attorneys are prepared to renegotiate mortgages which are a product of predatory lending practices. Begin the process of reclaiming your home, dignity, and peace of mind. At Alliance Legal Group, our Florida foreclosure defense attorneys are your most essential ally.

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