Why You Should Hire Alliance Legal Group To Protect Your Home

You should consult with a foreclosure defense attorney the minute you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit in Florida. Once you have been sued, Alliance Legal Group will rapidly engage the banks and the courts and make every attempt to keep you in your home. Expert foreclosure defense attorneys at Alliance Legal Group have developed a comprehensive foreclosure program which can rapidly address your specific needs.

Can I Modify My Loan Even If I Am Not In Foreclosure?

YES! Under federal law, a bank cannot initiate foreclosure proceedings unless a homeowner has missed 4 months of mortgage payments. Even if you have not fallen behind in payments or even if you are only one or two months behind and you cannot afford to make future payments you should seek assistance now. By seeking assistance early, it is possible to modify your loan and avoid foreclosure proceedings by negotiating upfront with the Banks and changing the terms of your loan.

We Will Aggressively Represent You In Court

In order to preserve your legal options in a foreclosure lawsuit you may have to go to court. Without foreclosure defense attorney licensed in the state of Florida to protect your interests you may lose your case. The banks attempting to take your home will have representation. You deserve an equal opportunity to present your case.

With An Alliance Legal Foreclosure Attorney You Will:

  • Maximize your chance of keeping your home.

  • Have expert legal advice on your side.

  • Never miss a legal deadline which can be the difference between keeping or losing your home.

A dedicated and expert foreclosure defense attorney will place you on an even footing. At Alliance, we protect homes, preserve rights, and help you minimize the fallout from an unfortunate circumstance. Do not take on the banks without dedicated legal experts.

20 Days To Respond To A Foreclosure Notice

In Florida, once you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, a homeowner must respond to the suit in court within 20 days. Once a foreclosure summons and complaint is filed in a Florida court, you have a small window of time within which to respond. In less than 3 weeks, you have to investigate the complaint and challenge the bank’s statements within the complaint. Banks rely on a homeowner’s failure to respond to get default judgments. If you miss the 20 day deadline, you may lose your ability to defend against the foreclosure lawsuit. A Florida foreclosure defense attorney at Alliance Legal Group is best positioned to respond on your behalf.

Alternatives To Foreclosure

Homeowner’s who are served with a foreclosure notice experience shock, anxiety, and are at times paralyzed and overwhelmed. Homeowner’s are concerned about where they will live, if they will lose their home, and if their financial situation will be permanently destroyed. Do not act alone; there are many alternatives to foreclosure. An Alliance Legal Group foreclosure defense attorney can ease your fears. We will provide a free consultation, investigate your case, deal with the banks, represent you in court, and provide you with a detailed analysis of your options at every stage. We are experts in identifying alternatives to foreclosure including short sales, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and loan modifications.

There is a lot of information on the internet; however, not all of it is accurate. The foreclosure process in Florida is unique. Even if you have done your own research, our foreclosure defense lawyers are experts in bank foreclosures, loan modifications, and avoiding home foreclosures. It is our job to identify all of the possible alternatives to foreclosure. We have the expertise and the resources to help you avoid foreclosure. Alliance Legal Group is a foreclosure law firm with attorneys across the state of Florida. We are prepared to defend your interests in court aggressively.

Loan Modification As An Alternative

  • Reduce your monthly payments.

  • Reduce your interest rate.

  • Eliminate the balloon payment.

Financial Consequences Of Foreclosure.

A foreclosure auction robs you of all of the equity in your home and your financial years long investment in your home. The loss of this investment is not measured in just dollars. We understand that there is also an emotional toll on homeowners experiencing foreclosure. Our foreclosure attorneys make every attempt to keep you in your home, and if that is not possible, than we make every attempt to minimize the financial consequences of a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. At Alliance Legal Group, we are concerned about your present situation and work to position you and your family for the future. We act with the future consequences in mind. We defend both your present and your future opportunities.

Bankruptcy can destroy your credit and haunt you for years. Your financial well-being can be compromised by a foreclosure auction. You should hire an attorney in order to give yourself and your family every legal opportunity to keep your home and avoid destroying your credit worthiness. A foreclosure defense attorney at Alliance Legal Group will provide expert legal assistance and respond to foreclosure notices and threats. Protect your home, preserve your credit score, and seek an advocate. All possible options and avenues will be explored by our firm. Our resources and expertise will be at your disposal. Do not fight the banks alone. Act now.

6 Reasons To Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

  1. You Have Been Served With A Foreclosure Notice

  2. You Are Behind On Your Mortgage Payments

  3. You Can’t Afford Your Home Anymore

  4. You Are Afraid Your Credit Score Will Be Destroyed

  5. You Are Trying To Modify Your Loan

  6. Everyone At The Bank Is Giving You The Run Around

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