Act Now: Preserve All Of Your Legal Options

The most important number to remember as a homeowner facing foreclosure is 20. A homeowner who has been served with a foreclosure summons and complaint must file a response within 20 days. If homeowner fails to file a response with the court within this time frame, the homeowner may lose their ability to effectively fight the summons and complaint and keep their home.

Remember To Act Within 20 Days

In the state of Florida, once the 20 day window has passed the bank’s attorneys may file a motion for a default judgment. This means that the court could decide that because the homeowner has failed to respond that the bank or mortgage company is correct. Your home could then be subject to a foreclosure auction. To avoid this scenario, it is of the utmost importance that you immediately contact Alliance Legal Group foreclosure defense attorneys. Our team of dedicated and expert foreclosure defense attorneys will mobilize our expertise and resources to immediately defend your case in court. We will mount a legal defense which takes advantage of all of the legal defenses to the foreclosure available in your specific case. From our consultation process to our litigation defense, our attorney’s tailor our legal expertise to your unique situation. We are not a cookie cutter legal firm; our services are tailored to your unique circumstances. Our defense begins once you contact us with free document reviews, consultations, and foreclosure informational workshops.

The Sooner You Act; The Greater Your Alternatives To Foreclosure

By failing to act, a homeowner may foreclose their ability to negotiate, keep their home, or modify their loans. With a single phone call you can begin the process of keeping your home. Do not allow the anger, fear, or paralysis keep you from seeking legal assistance. There are experts at Alliance Legal Group who will defend you and your home while walking you through the process.

At Alliance Legal Group, we educate our clients through informational Fight For My Home workshops and we litigate to defend their legal rights in court. This approach ensures that you are aware of the foreclosure proceedings including terminology and timelines. We also have a legal defense philosophy which ensures that our clients are actively involved in their legal defense at every stage of the process. Alliance Legal Group foreclosure defense attorneys Educate & Litigate. Take advantage of our expertise; act today to maximize your benefits.

Benefits of Acting Quickly

By contacting Alliance Legal Group foreclosure defense attorneys you can avoid a default judgment. This gives you the opportunity to defend against the foreclosure and seek a loan modification which can decrease the amount of your monthly payment.

By hiring a foreclosure defense attorney you make sure that any loan modification agreement is in writing and signed by both you and the appropriate bank representative.

If the bank tries to foreclose after the loan modification agreement is in place Alliance Legal Group foreclosure defense attorneys can defend you in court with the binding loan modification agreement we negotiated.

Call The Alliance Legal Group today at 877-560-4440 for an informative and comprehensive consultation on how we can help you Fight For Your Home.

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