If You Need an Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Florida Residents Should Call Alliance Legal Group — The Fight For My Home Attorneys!

At Alliance Legal Group we offer homeowners excellent legal strategies, which place homeowners in the best possible position to keep their homes. We are committed to defending you in court, negotiating with the banks and mortgage companies, and maximizing your opportunity to remain in your home. We are licensed Florida attorneys with years of experience. We specialize in legal foreclosure defense; our firm’s two principles are to Educate our clients through informational workshops and to Litigate aggressively on behalf of our clients. Our elite foreclosure defense legal strategies are used in every single homeowner foreclosure defense case.

Save Your Home From Foreclosure & Take Advantage Of A Free Consultation

Our firm’s unique free consultation service offers homeowners with a rapid review of their case and an explanation of their potential options. There are various foreclosure defenses, which can be raised in court on your behalf. In order to identify which foreclosure defenses are appropriate in your specific case, we need to evaluate your case. Alliance Legal Group’s free consultation service will review your case and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Alliance Legal Group’s founder David C. Hicks built an elite foreclosure defense firm to defend Florida homeowners whose homes are being threatened by the banks. No matter your circumstance, Alliance Legal Group’s foreclosure defense attorneys across Florida are prepared to provide expert legal assistance.

What Is a Loan Modification And I How Can I Change My Loan?

A loan modification is an agreement between the homeowners and the bank to change the original monthly payment, interest rate, balloon payment, or payment year terms. However, a loan modification requires a legal and binding new mortgage agreement between you and the bank or mortgage company. The banks will attempt to negotiate in their own favor. If you don’t have a foreclosure defense attorney on your side, you will find it difficult to get favorable terms. With an Alliance foreclosure defense attorney you can negotiate the best possible terms. Loan modification can happen even if you are not yet in foreclosure proceedings. It is in your best interest to seek assistance so that a loan modification can be negotiated. Contact the foreclosure attorneys at Alliance Legal Group as soon as you think you may fall behind in payments or as soon as you have missed a payment.

Alliance Legal Group’s David Hicks: What Happens When you Hire a Foreclosure Attorney

Does A Bank Have The Right To Foreclose?

Before a banking institution can foreclose on your home and repossess the property, they must possess a note of ownership. In many instances, mortgage loans have been resold as investment packages and the notes of ownership were allegedly stripped from the actual home loan. Additionally, the original lenders of a mortgage may no longer be in business. It is possible that the bank attempting to foreclose on your home and reclaim the property may not actually have the original note of ownership. If the bank fails to prove ownership of the note, or only has incorrect documentation, this fact will be favorable for the homeowner. According to recent news reports, judges have ruled in homeowners’ favor when banks fail to prove ownership of the note.

What is Foreclosure Fraud?

Foreclosure fraud occurs when foreclosure notices are filed with inaccurate or deceptive information. Robo-signers (individuals who signed foreclosure documents with false signatures) have admitted to fraudulently signing thousands of foreclosures. Additionally, the information on many foreclosure forms has been revealed to be inaccurate or outright deceptive. Many foreclosures have not included an appropriate review of documents to determine vital information including the payment history of borrowers. Many homes have been foreclosed upon while borrowers and homeowners did not know about these outrageous errors.

Know Where You Stand: Identify If You Are A Victim of Fraud Or Predatory Lending

An informed homeowner facing foreclosure with accurate and recent information is a homeowner who is prepared to begin defending his/her home. At Alliance Legal Group, our free informational workshops keep you up to date with all of the procedures, timelines, and terminology associated with how to stop foreclosure proceedings. Our unique in home document review audit and consultation services will reveal if your loan documents have errors, whether your loan was issued with predatory lending, and whether the proper signatures have been included. We will determine whether the foreclosure complaint was filed legally. All of this analysis will assist our foreclosure defense attorneys in defending your home against a foreclosure. Many foreclosure filings have been suspected of fraud. This information is vital because as a victim of fraud, you may increase your negotiating leverage in the defense of your home.

How Can Alliance Legal Group Help Me?

We will conduct an intensive and detailed audit of your financial documents. This means that you will have an accurate picture of your mortgage documents.

The detailed audit of your financial documents will assist our attorneys in identifying legal defenses which can be raised in court on your behalf.

We will also engage in aggressive negotiations to modify your loan so that you can keep your home.

We represent your interests to the banks and attempt to negotiate favorable terms and payments. If necessary, we will implement alternatives to a foreclosure by using vehicles such as a short sale, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or other alternative strategies to minimize potential negative financial consequences.

Contact Alliance Legal Group’s foreclosure defense attorneys for access to an elite foreclosure defense team. Call 877-560-4440 or email us at David@FightForMyHome.com today.

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